Hounds, horses, harvest and mistaken identity

On October 7th, after Creemore’s annual Hounds and Horses parade by The Toronto and North York Hunt Club, a local man was arrested at the Creemore Farmer’s Market for impersonating the Mayor of Clearview. He was dragged through the market to the Creemore Jail. A group of local Constables locked the man up in a cell at the jail, reportedly one of North America’s smallest. The man arrested was identified as the real Clearview Mayor Chris Vanderkruys. All charges were dropped and the real Mayor, who is an honest man, proceeded to cut the cake to help Creemore citizens celebrate 125 years since The Creemore Jail was built. It no longer houses real criminals, but remains open for tourists to try one of the cells. The crowd enjoyed the 125th Anniversary cake, cut by Mayor Vanderkruys, who discovered a saw blade inside the cake.