Woodstock 50 Years Later

Produced by Chris Scerri, this was not your ordinary concert on the eve of April 6th at Meaford Hall. Opening with voiceovers, festival scenes by Bill Loucks, and narration by Christopher Thomas, this arrangement provided informative context towards a deeper appreciation of the life and times of the Woodstock generation. In the summer of 69, with an unexpected crowd upwards of half a million on a dairy farm in the Catskills Mountains, a sense of unrest, discontent and violence gave way to harmony… peace… and love… the most iconic music event in history. This Woodstock production was also once just a dream – and became a rockin reality – minus the mud and mayhem!¬† This quote by Richie Havens sums up how I would have felt if I bore witness to the Woodstock experience… “We were there because we felt good about ourselves, happy to be in the same place with so many brothers and sisters who shared this common bond. We were there to look at each other, meet each other, identify our support for each other. We were there to celebrate. We would share this experience the rest of our lives.” Photos/Story: Marissa Dolotallas