The 100+ Women Who Care South Georgian Triangle (SGT) has reached a landmark $200,000 dollars in donations for charities in our community. And they did it in just twelve hours and without even one penny of overhead! 

How was this possible? In August, 2017, seven women organized themselves into a steering committee to create the group, using the format of the umbrella Care Alliance organization. The format provides a simple, fun, and impactful way to help the community. Members come together for one hour, each with a cheque for $100, and then combine their donations to give a whopping $10,000+ to a local charity. All donations are tax deductible. The concept is so compelling that by the first meeting the group had over 110 members, and has now grown to 170 members.

Members simply agree to participate for at least one year (four meetings), to nominate local charities with which they are familiar, and to contribute $100 directly to the local charity chosen by the group. At each meeting, three members’ nominations are chosen, and each member will have 10 minutes to make a brief presentation and answer any questions. Members then vote, and one charity is chosen for the group donation. The two charities presented who did not receive a donation are eligible for a subsequent meeting, and in the meantime have raised awareness

in the community and even attracted potential volunteers. The other inspiring part of these meetings is that they always begin with an update from the previous meeting’s donation recipient on the difference the $10,000+ made in their charity’s ability to serve others. 

During this Covid pandemic the needs of many charities have increased – but their ability to raise funds has become more difficult. 100+ Women SGT is committed to continue helping, and has changed their meeting format to online Zoom calls – with the advantage of instant polling and video presentations if desired. 

Nothing beats the satisfaction of knowing you are helping others, and nothing is better than the feeling of empowerment that comes from being together with 100+ other women who feel the same way.  As one charity said “Thank you for being the kind of women who, when you see you have more than others, build a larger table, rather than a higher wall”.


If you, too, want to make an impactful difference, you can join online at 

Submitted by: Helen Peacock

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