Hosting at home requires attention to detail. Choosing the right accessories and accoutrements is part of setting a formal dinner party scene and creating an inviting atmosphere. The following approach can guide men and women as they prepare to host a formal dinner party.

Send proper invitations. While many people have grown accustomed to the convenience of e-invites, nothing conveys the formality of an event better than a traditional paper invitation. Find invitations that match the tone of your dinner party, whether semiformal or formal. This will help set the tone and let guests know what to wear.

Assess your dinnerware. Take inventory of the types of dishes, glasses, silverware, and serving platters you have. If items don’t match or you don’t have enough matching items for all guests, consider purchasing or renting items so everything matches. Plan ahead so you have enough dishes for the courses you will be serving without washing items in between.

Limit your courses. It is better to do one or two courses very well than stretch yourself thin trying to impress guests with many courses. Choose dishes that you’ve made before and have had success with. Avoid foods that require significant preparation or attention while guests are present.

Know your bar needs. Different drinks call for different glasses and tools for preparation. Therefore, offer a few signature drinks and stock the items that are needed for them. Red and white wine glasses, coupe glasses, martini glasses, single rocks glasses, and double old-fashioned glasses are some of the most common to have on hand. In addition, you’ll need stirrers, cocktail shakers and small receptacles for housing garnishes, such as lemon slices or maraschino cherries.

Practice a proper table setting. The art of a properly set table may have fallen out of favour, but it’s one thing that may impress your guests the most. You’ll need specific settings for formal events, and there are plenty of online tutorials offering advice from etiquette experts. Invest in a new tablecloth to serve as an impressive base for the beautiful table settings.

Set up a fresh flower arrangement. Whether you prefer a large table centrepiece or smaller bud vases all along the table, fresh flowers add appeal and aroma to a space. Think about complementary flowers in the living room or the restroom as well. Flowers are an added touch to make formal dinner parties more memorable.

Purchase a sensational sweet. End the meal with a special dessert. Find those places in the town where you live that are known for their desserts. Intricately decorated cakes or pastries will have a wow factor.

Attention to detail and thorough planning are keys to hosting elaborate dinner parties.