This time of year, people often re-examine their lives—reflect over the last year’s challenges and achievements and set new goals for the coming one. This past year has continued to be a challenging one globally. Everyone has become tired of the Covid rollercoaster. As a result,
many are redefining priorities and changing their habits to adapt to our current situation. 

New Year’s goals often involve plans for lifestyle and health improvements. Despite their reputation as fattening foods, pasta and sauce have many health benefits, including low glycemic index (GI) – digesting slower and keeping one feeling full longer. Fresh milled sauce is also an excellent source of vitamins and minerals and a powerful antioxidant.

Both those who have made new fitness goals and veteran athletes should be aware that pasta is one of the best sports nutrition fuels available – being rich in complex carbohydrates. These carbs are the first source of energy used by muscles to refuel. This fact, combined with the fact that pasta is low on the GI, makes it a readily available energy source. 

Before hitting the slopes or trails, many skiers and outdoor enthusiasts choose to fuel up with pasta. Others prefer a pasta meal, post-exercise, to feed and replenish the body. Pasta helps revitalize the body’s glycogen, which is depleted after a vigorous workout. This is especially true with endurance sports, such as cross-country skiing or snowshoeing.
Pre-exercise benefits include having the carbs available for short-term energy and protein to draw upon as a backup.

For optimal glycogen synthesis, a carb to protein ratio of 3:1 is recommended. For example, adding a Beef or Meat Alternative Bolognese or Chicken Breast Cacciatore sauce to fresh pasta would be a perfect pre-workout or post-workout. Using whole-grain pasta adds fibre to the mix – for extra health and digestive benefit. In addition, because the complex carbohydrates in pasta release energy at a steady and sustained pace, one avoids the energy spikes of simple carbohydrates – allowing improved endurance and performance.

In conclusion, pasta is an excellent outdoor fuel for enjoying casual and competitive outdoor activities. Their low glycemic index properties allow them to digest slowly, keeping one full longer (and hungry, less) and offering consistent energy storage to enable peak performance. 


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