Cannabis stores are popping up everywhere, and so are the available products leaving customers with a lot to learn. Here are a few quick pointers to help you navigate the modern cannabis market:

The Basics: THC vs CBD

There are over 100 cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, but the most common and sought-after are, of course, THC and CBD. THC and CBD affect the brain and body differently. While THC curates psychoactive effects (it’s responsible for the feeling of being “high”), CBD is a little more docile with only a soothing or calming bodily response. Each cannabis product will have a specific ratio of THC to CBD.


For new consumers, it’s imperative to find a method of consumption that fits your lifestyle. For experienced users, it can be fun to switch up your routine and try a new method!

Smoking is the most popular method of consumption. When you inhale smoke from the cannabis flower, effects are felt quickly and linger for up to eight hours.

Vaporizers are rising in popularity because the effects are similar to smoking, but instead of using combustion, heat at a lower temperature is used to vaporize the active compounds (cannabinoids and terpenes).

Edibles have a whole array of options now, from gummies, brownies, cookies and lollipops to all different kinds of beverages. The effects of edibles are slower, but they provide a tasty and less-harsh alternative. 

Tinctures and gels are cannabis extracts that are placed under the tongue or ingested. They allow discrete and precise dosage control while being faster-acting than edibles.

Cannabis doesn’t have to be consumed internally; it can be absorbed for a localized effect. Topicals offer no cerebral or psychoactive effects, which means they are ideal for those looking for effects on a specific part of the body. They can include cannabis-infused lotions, salves, balms and oils.

Learn the Labels

Health Canada regulates the packaging and labelling requirements of cannabis products quite strictly to help keep consumers safe and aware of what they’re purchasing. Key label features to look at are strain and weight (what’s in it and how much), THC and CBD, Total THC and Total CBD (the potency once it’s been heated and/or cured), who made it and the best before date, along with health warnings/disclaimers.

Find a Knowledgeable Bud

These are good pointers for consumers to consider, but your best resource is a Budtender at your local shop. As subject-matter experts, Budtenders can answer your specific questions, show you the products you might be interested in, and help ensure you get the best value.

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This article is supplied by Sessions Cannabis, Ontario’s largest growing cannabis retailer. This information is intended for adults ages 19+ and is not intended as nor does it constitute medical advice.