Collingwood Olive Oil Co. is celebrating seven years in business! Husband and wife team Alex Yuen and Cheryl McMenemy opened the doors of the Collingwood Olive Oil Co. in May of 2014. Creatively renovating a tired heritage home on Ste. Marie Street, they crafted a beautiful location where they could dispense the freshest extra virgin olive oils from around the world, an impressive selection of all-natural, gluten-free balsamic vinegars, and a pantry stocked with specialty foods. They have often dubbed their little shop “a candy store for grownups,” and it has proven to be a perfect complement to Collingwood’s growing food movement.

The pair adopted two key beliefs into their business concept: That a customer should be able to taste everything before they take it home, and that education is critical for recurring business. This combination leads to one of the finest and most enjoyable features of their store: The Tasting Tour.

Customers are greeted by a friendly, knowledgeable employee who guides them through balsamic and olive oil chemistry, handling, and health properties. On top of that, customers are encouraged to taste anything of 

interest! New customers are immediately astonished at the difference between their products versus generic and supermarket brands. The level of customer care and engagement provided simply isn’t possible in the majority of the food retail market and makes a visit to the store much more than the average shopping trip. It becomes an experience! Likely, this is why they are ranked “#1 Retail Shopping Store in Collingwood” on Trip Advisor.

Unfortunately, during the COVID pandemic, the couple has had to pivot into straight retail, removing the in-store tasting option. Both of them look forward to normal days ahead and to be able to re-launch the “taste before you buy” concept, as well as group tours and tasting parties. The COVID situation, in some ways, has made their shop even more relevant due to increased in-home cooking and experimentation with different flavours and healthier options. 

Their full product lineup is available at their shop on Ste. Marie Street, with “best sellers” offered in boutique specialty food locations throughout the region.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil and naturally flavoured oils selected are the freshest and finest olive oils in the world today, rotating between global harvests as they happen. The extra virgin olive oils are lab-testedand come with complete chemistry and flavour profiles. All oils are first crush and cold pressed.

International and local gourmet food products: aiolis, mustards, pestos, sweet and savoury spreads, Divina stuffed olives, roasted tomatoes, sauces, Al Dente Artisan Handmade and Plant-Based pastas, Spice of Life Hot Sauces, Beaver Valley Maple Syrup, Hunking Honey, as well as olive wood, dipping plates, recipe books, spouts, skin care and gifts.

Their fruit-based Balsamic Vinegar is made in the traditional fashion and crafted in Modena, Italy. Unlike most others on the market, their balsamic contains absolutely no caramel colouring and is free of artificial colour and flavour. There is no added sugar. It is the real deal; gluten-free, Non-GMO and premium quality.

Collingwood Olive Oil Co.
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