DJ HEWITSON is a family-owned and operated business serving the local area since 2009, specializing in power sweeping and water truck services, as well as tri axle services. The DJ Hewitson team takes great pride in keeping their customers happy, maintaining their equipment, and completing projects on time and at fair prices.


Whether it’s water for pools, wells, hot tubs, street flushing, landscaping, or storage tanks, DJ Hewitson can meet all your specific requirements and needs.

• Watering trees and sod

• Fill swimming pools and hot tubs

• Flushing roads and parking lots

• Water spray for dust control

• Compaction for construction

If you have a load that needs delivering or picking up, DJ Hewitson’s fleet of tri axle dump trucks can deliver almost anything.

• High-quality supply and delivery of aggregates and landscape materials

• Topsoil and mulch

Dependable power sweeping services to keep your business looking its best.

• Removal of winter sand – municipal and commercial roadways and parking lots

• Road construction – pre paving and post paving cleanup

• Jobsite cleanup – recurring or as needed

• Special events – bicycle races, festivals, etc.

• Prep for line painting – parking lot or roadway

We are looking to expand our team!
Looking for a job that gets you outside enjoying the sun? Look no further. Now hiring water truck drivers, DZ license required.
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