Root to Fruit started in 2009 on a small scale, producing for friends and family in a few stores in Thornbury and markets while Michelle Green raised her four children. In 2019, a commercial kitchen was built in her family’s long-time home, and the company started to flourish. Michelle’s family roots are strong in the community; her father grew up farming in the area and continued running farms on the weekends while working in Toronto as a civil engineer. On her mother’s side, her grandfather, Gordon Pyatt, owned the local Pro Hardware store, was the mayor of Thornbury for thirteen years (on council for thirty), and was a true visionary helping develop the town into what it is today.

Root to Fruit produces small-batch elixers and tonics bursting with a love for health and wellness.
Only fresh organic ingredients are used in elixirs, and fresh root turmeric is activated through a few processes, and because turmeric is water-soluble, they are made bioavailable. Being a small business, Michelle sees just how important supporting local is, using Beaver Valley Gold honey from Clarksburg, and sourcing local berries, such as Sea Buckthorn berries from Teeswater for their omegas and high Vitamin C content.

Each bottle of Root to Fruit Elixir has eight servings to sip on its own, warm, cold, or you can always get creative and kick up a favourite beverage. All you require is 1 ounce to get your recommended 4 grams of curcumin per day. However, Michelle recommends 2 ounces: one in the morning and one at night to ensure it never leaves your system. Her family traditionally has the Sour Cherry at night because of its natural melatonin. Turmeric is the main ingredient, known to boast amazing health benefits as an anti-inflammatory, detoxifier, mood leveller, it is known to eat the plague out of the arteries and the protein that builds up on the brain, plus so many more benefits that would take up this entire page.

Like many small businesses, Root to Fruit has been built on the support of family, friends and local businesses.

“My husband Jamie is a great sounding board and is respectful of my business as it has taken long hours to build. My daughter Sarah has been involved since the age of 13. She is our main batcher, and her innate understanding of what we create has landed her into development, where she is responsible for building the elixirs. My daughter Madelyn works in production and media with a flair for design and advertisement. My two sons Alex and Carter, are the muscle fixing, hauling, and lifting. My staff are just as passionate about what we are doing and put so much care into production. And, to my dear friend Shelagh who has been there from the beginning, when my sister went through cancer, and we wanted to produce something to aid in her recovery. My father, Don, 91 years young, but you would never know it! He graciously offered the space for the kitchen and is actively involved every day, lending a hand where needed. As you can imagine, he has lived through much in his life and his sense of gratitude resonates in what we do.

We are honoured to be in each and every store we are in. Over the last year, we have seen many hardships and grown such a deep respect for them all! Running a store or being a producer is tireless! When you stop and think about how you get what you need in life, you realize how important our stores, growers, producers, suppliers and transporters are the backbone to our communities. I applaud them all! Also, my distributor Annex Disruption who work just as hard as we do to get our elixirs to our customers to whom we owe all our success because without them there would be no success”.

Producers of small batched elixers and tonics for health, wellness, and enjoyment.

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