Born and raised in Grey County on a farm, Robert Knapper opened the doors of Stayner Pharmasave in 2010, intending to be the best drug store in the community, offering exemplary customer service. Rob completed his Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, has multiple other certifications, and 36 years of retail pharmacy experience. Starting a family prompted him to re-evaluate his career priorities, which led Rob to start his own business to achieve better balance and be closer to his growing family.

Stayner Pharmasave is an independent community pharmacy providing one-stop health care focused on their clients’ needs by offering various services with friendly and knowledgeable staff. Stayner Pharmasave is situated in the same building as the Stayner Medical and Dental Centre, a natural fit. 

Medical care is not one-size-fits-all. The pharmacy team prides itself on building relationships with each customer. Before taking prescription medication, it’s essential to understand everything about it. A pharmacist is always available to ensure patients know the name of their medication, go over its contents, dosage, schedule, and more, to ensure you are entirely comfortable with what you’re taking. They’re always ready to help – from chronic conditions to healthy living and more; pharmacists encourage patients to ask questions and share their concerns about their medications.

We can answer questions about medications you’re taking and any over-the-counter and natural health products. We can advise you on your health concerns, and, of course, we double-check your prescription medications to make sure they are safe and appropriate for you.

Can’t make it into our store to pick up your prescription? Don’t worry about it, they’ll deliver it right to your doorstep!

Do you have a complex regime of medications, or perhaps you take multiple medications and still feel unwell? Book a free comprehensive review of your medications.

Have difficulty remembering how or when to take your medication? Medication Manager is a convenient way to organize your medications by day and time, making it easier for you to take them as directed.

Customized medications are prepared to help you and your physician improve the therapeutic outcome of your treatment.

A comprehensive range of products are in-store for minor ailments, pain relief, colds, first aid, etc.

Book a complimentary appointment with a pharmacist if you have been diagnosed with diabetes or have other chronic conditions for which you are taking three medications regularly.

Stayner Pharmasave is so much more than a place just to get your prescriptions filled. They take pride in the products and services they provide, striving to make a difference in their clients’ lives – every visit, every time. You can speak with your pharmacist about all of your health needs.

Stayner Pharmasave
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