Michael and Shari Morgan purchased The Water Store Collingwood in December 2019 from Steve and Isabel Lounds. They currently have seven highly skilled and knowledgeable employees dedicated to achieving excellent customer service and fantastic results, whether it’s by providing great-tasting water or water solutions for your home and office. Fortunately, Steve stayed as a consultant, and Isabel continues to work at The Water Store full time, offering continuity and familiar faces for their loyal customers. Michael and Shari are committed to their customers, making sure they feel 100% supported when making a significant purchase or having any issues. They stand behind all of the highest quality products they carry in-store.

Do you need or want to improve the source water you’re currently getting from your municipal or well water? The Water Store provides installation, service, and maintenance of home and commercial water treatment equipment, ensuring your water is safe and potable, as well as enjoyable to drink. Their water treatment equipment is state-of-the-art, and they use the latest in water treatment techniques to ensure the best possible results. Whether your water problem is staining, terrible odour, discolouration, bacteria, or improving the operation of your dishwasher, hot water heater, or humidifier, The Water Store has the application that will solve your problem and ensure the maintenance of your valuable fixtures and appliances. They offer various products such as water softeners, chemical-free iron and sulphur filters, reverse osmosis drinking water systems, ultraviolet (uv) disinfection systems, and tannin filters.

Fill ‘er up! Suppose you are looking to buy great-tasting, incredibly clear, and pure reverse-osmosis drinking water for your home, cottage, or business. In that case, they have in-store water stations for self-serve and delivery customers. The Water Store uses Collingwood’s local municipal source water and further purifies it by softening and putting it through their high volume reverse-osmosis system. This allows them to remove all

the chemicals, micro-plastics, pharmaceuticals and other impurities. Then, before you dispense this great-tasting super-pure water into water jugs, it passes through an Ultra-Violet disinfection system to ensure the water is 100% bacteria-free. This water is a great value compared to the cost financially and environmentally of using single-use bottled water. Staff is always on hand to help you with your water purchase, whether it is to show you how to rinse and fill your water jugs or carry the water to your car for you.

The Water Store carries healthy lifestyle products such as personal drinking bottles, hiking and camping purification systems (i.e. Grayl and Lifestraw, etc.), water coolers, and products for the DIY’ers who maintain their own water equipment.

We love being part of this community, and having our own business here makes it a great opportunity to meet more people. We both love to work directly with our customers and make sure that we put excellent service above all else. We put energy into everything we do. We are grateful for our customers who have stayed with us and are new to us, especially during this past year. Our staff has managed so well and put so much effort into everything required to keep our doors open through a pandemic. Helping resolve issues or providing people with the right solution for their needs makes this business enjoyable every day. Water is one of the most vital parts of life and health – we never want to take it for granted, and we want to make sure we share that passion with our community and customers. Be it municipal or well water; it is important to understand the water we use in our daily lives.

The Water Store Collingwood has put safety protocols in place to serve you better during this time, including drop-offs, curbside pickups, and their “drop bottles outside door” program. They are practicing enhanced cleaning of the store and bottles and social distancing in the store. If you choose the “drop bottles outside door” service, they’ll do all the work so you can relax in your car or grab some fresh air. Service and maintenance technicians are available for all your immediate needs.

The Water Store Collingwood
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