The magic of Christmas filled the air throughout Clearview from Creemore to Stayner and beyond. An exciting lineup of outdoor events and activities on December 4th, all following COVID-19 safety protocols, was available for locals and guests’ entertainment. Santa had a very busy Saturday traveling throughout the township! He visited Brentwood Community Centre, where volunteers had gingerbread cookie kit give-aways and collected food and donations for the Clearview-Stayner Food Bank. Next, Santa was off to Creemore, where he greeted visitors at the Log Cabin, while next door, the Creemore Library had holiday activities for families. Guests enjoyed touring Creemore during the afternoon, where a Stationary Santa Claus Parade saw beautiful floats set up throughout the village at prominent locations. Saturday evening, Santa’s final appearance for the day saw him mount his sleigh and lead the Stayner Santa Tour, hosted by the Kinsmen Club, starting from the beautifully decorated Station Park and traveling throughout residential neighbourhoods to the thrill of the locals. Yes, Santa, the spirit of Christmas was alive and well in Clearview. Story: Dave West Photography. Photos: Dave West Photography / Bryan Davies Photography.