Being forced to spend more time at home during the COVID-19 pandemic has led enterprising individuals to seek ways to pass the time. Is it any wonder that creative pursuits have become so popular over the last year?  Crafting can help people fill their time, reduce stress, inspire new relationships, and serve as a source of pride when an item is handmade from start to finish. Experts surmise that the rhythmic, repetitive movements and focused attention of certain crafts might produce a calming effect, not unlike meditation. Crafting helps exercise several areas of the brain, including those responsible for problem-solving, creativity, and concentration. The following are some unique crafts for those looking for something new.

This craft also goes by the name paper filigree. It involves twisting, rolling, or looping thin strips of paper and then gluing them together to make designs. They can adorn the outside of homemade cards or be attached to stock paper and then framed.

Another papercraft that involves sticking small pieces of paper of any kind to another item and then coating the object with varnish. Just about anything can be improved and customized with decoupage.

Marquetry involves applying pieces of wood veneer to a structure to form a decorative pattern or picture. Think of it as paint-by-number but with wood veneer. The technique often is applied to small objects
or furniture.

Crochet artists may want to take their crafting up a notch with bead crochet, which incorporates beaded string or yarn into a crocheted item.

A unique craft that produces a different result each time it is done. The crafter fills a tub roughly two-thirds full of water, adds a particular chemical to allow oils to float on the water’s surface, then drops different colours of oil-based paint onto the water. The colours can be swirled and manipulated. A paper or piece of canvas is then placed on the water’s surface so that the design can transfer onto the material.

Pyrography involves using a heating source and burning designs into a piece of wood. The term literally means “writing with fire.”

These lesser-known crafts can be good diversions and help individuals learn new skills.