Farmhouse-style homes are having a moment and are very popular right now. Some simple renovations can help homeowners with a fondness for this simple, cozy style bring this classic look into their homes, whether new or old or on a farm or in the city.

Home renovation projects can help homeowners put their unique stamp on their homes, and such projects can be both aesthetic and functional. The following are some farmhouse design elements homeowners can consider to transform their home interiors with this popular style in mind.

Exposed beams

Exposed beams instantly evoke images of a farmhouse. This rustic renovation project can utilize natural wood or faux beams that look like the real thing.  Decorative beams that have nothing to do with a home’s structural integrity can be installed by skilled do-it-yourselfers. However, even faux beams are heavy, and it is recommended homeowners have an engineer assess their existing structure before installation.

Distressed wood finishes

Distressing is designed to make something look less than perfect. Distressed wood finishes can be found throughout many farmhouse-style homes. Furniture and picture frames can provide the distressed look farmhouse fans are looking for. This is a relatively inexpensive project that many homeowners can tackle on their own after watching some online tutorials that recommend the right tools and techniques to get the job done right.

Kitchen sink

Many components combine to create a genuinely classic farmhouse kitchen. Yet, no element is more essential than the traditional farmhouse sink. A farmhouse sink features a deep, wide basin, that is large enough to handle all the dishes after a big family meal. Old-fashioned porcelain sinks are worth consideration by homeowners who want their kitchen sinks to evoke a traditional farmhouse feel.


Homeowners overhauling their kitchens to create a farmhouse feel should consider installing a large island with a walnut butcher block countertop for an authentic farmhouse feel.