The Blue Mountain Foundation for The Arts announced the 29th recipient of the Robert G.Kemp Arts Award is Events for Life (EFL). The bar was set very high this year, and competition was fierce with several exceptional submissions. Events for Life is a unique project submitted by Maureen Munden, an artist and arts educator with many years of experience providing arts programs to children, youth, and individuals with special needs. Maureen will present a year-long arts program for EFL’S 25 adults with special needs in Thornbury with education, experimentation, and exploration opportunities. In September, EFL will be showing their art in a show at The Blue Mountain Library Art Gallery in Thornbury. ‘A Look Around’ will explore the world around us through photography, painting, and other artistic projects that compliment the recent Forest School Program and provide an opportunity for individual artistic expression.

The $5,000 Award was created in 1989 from a trust fund administered by the BMFA to provide encouragement and or recognition to the artistic development of an individual or group residing in the Southern Georgian Bay area. Each applicant submits a project proposal that will benefit the community.