Many cat owners are fascinated by their feline friends. Cats can be quirky, and their behaviour often amuses their owners.  But, there is more to cats than their quirky personalities. The following are some interesting facts about felines, courtesy of Animal Planet. Much like humans can be righthanded or lefthanded, cats can favour their right paw or left paw – cats can even be ambidextrous. Cats spend roughly one-third of their waking hours cleaning themselves. In fact, cats’ tongues are so strong that they can lick animal bone clean.  While cats are partial to litter boxes, their skill sets enable them to learn how to use toilets. Though cats might not have the skill set to operate blow driers, 25 percent of cat owners use dryers to dry their cats’ coats after bathing. Kittens may be adorable and cuddly, but their teeth are most sharp at this stage of their life. Upon reaching six

months of age, cats lose their needle-sharp milk teeth. Once they reach one week old, cats start to dream while sleeping. Cats don’t just close their eyes because they’re tired. In fact, many cats close their eyes when they’re happy or pleased. Cats’ pregnancies last just nine weeks. While not all cats with blue eyes are deaf, many cats with blue eyes cannot hear. That said, many kittens are born with blue eyes, only to have their eye color change with age. Cats have a naturally strong aversion to all things citrus. Cats of the opposite sex tend to make better housemates than cats of the same sex. The majority of cats do not have eyelashes. Cats tend to have 12 whiskers on each side of their face. No wonder we had so many cat lovers submit their pictures on facebook for our contest in July!