Some time ago, a wise person told me all they wanted in life was peace.

I remember feeling quite incredulous. At the time, my concept of peace was a mix between the “peace and flower power” message of the sixties and the “rest in peace” engravings on tombstones.

How does peace show up in the real world? Peaceful living may have us question our values and priorities in life. Our society does not endorse peace. Just watch the news; very few stories of love and peace are ever considered newsworthy.

What is this thing called peace? I like to think of peace as the feeling that all is well, no matter what is going on. We have all met or know of people like this. They are the calm in the middle of the storm. How can you begin to live more peacefully?

• Live in the now – practice being in the moment. Let go of your thoughts about tomorrow or next week. It will take care of itself. 

• Expect good things to happen – just like a cloudy day, the sun will come out again. Stay positive, expect miracles and solutions. Breathe and believe.

• Keep it simple – live within your means. More is quite often more to look after and less time to enjoy. Notice where you invest your time and money.

• Be kind and see the beauty around you – treasure the peaceful moments, your dog’s tail wagging when she greats you at the door, the aroma of coffee early in the morning, or the smile of a stranger you see on a walk.

• Let it go and let it be – forget the fear, let go of the frustrations from the past and choose peace in every moment.  

• Live your truth – follow your passions. Wake up and live your life full of the things that make you feel alive. 

Life is not always perfect – a peaceful life is an abundance of perfect moments.

Submitted by: Jane Schnurr, Business Coach for Overwhelmed Entrepreneurs at Awesome Coaching Enterprises in Collingwood. 

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