Theatre Collingwood is thrilled to announce a very special partnership and a pin that they feel will have incredible power. Thom Vincent is the president of Global Hospitality and Balmoral Village. Thom and his wife, Kari Payne, are not only great supporters of Theatre Collingwood, community-minded philanthropic people, they are truly visionaries. When the pandemic hit, Thom immediately started thinking ahead to the day when we would all be getting our vaccines and, with the help of his friend Jeff Shearer, he developed a concept of producing and distributing a pin that people could receive once they have been vaccinated, to not only show they have done this but to encourage others to get vaccinated, too. This pin could generate conversations and perhaps most of all assist in helping people to feel confident and safe when they see the person next to them also wearing the pin.

Holger Meiche, who lives and works in Collingwood and owns a creative company called Surface Design, was enlisted to design the pins which depict the red maple leaf with a stylized “V” for vaccine and victory over the pandemic. Truly on point, the pins are also being manufactured in Canada (even though they could have been made for much less off shore).

Theatre Collingwood will distribute the pins raising funds for (post-pandemic) redevelopment of the  Youth and Senior Drama Education Program. Available online at or by calling 705-445-2200.