Homes are getting bigger, but it seems like people are still lamenting a lack of storage space. With these easy tips, you can can maximize your storage capabilities thoroughout your home immediately.

Utilize track storage systems: Closets may be plentiful, but if not efficiently utilized, space may still seem lacking. Track closet storage systems often make greater use of closet space than traditional shelf and hanging rod systems. Customizing closets using track systems or other modifications can improve utility of all closets in the house.

Invest in storage beds: Storage beds typically feature cubbies or drawers within a platform-style bed frame. It’s a practical home storage solution, and does not require any building.

Think vertically: Maximize spaces by looking up and down for storage possibilities. Items that are not used frequently, such as seasonal decorations or travel suitcases, can be stored in high spaces. Shelving on walls can go as high as necessary and be put to use in awkward wall areas, such as in corners or under eaves.

Invest in storage benches/ottomans: A stopping area inside the front door with a storage bench can house shoes, umbrellas, hats, backpacks, and other items, keeping them tidy and out of sight. In living rooms, look for chests or ottomans that are decorative and functional. Store throw blankets or board games inside.

Recess drawers or shelves: Gain more storage by recessing a chest of drawers into what is called the “knee wall” of homes that have sloped ceilings in attics and upstairs bedrooms.

Utilize these short walls in an efficient manner by sinking drawers or shelves into them, without taking up floor space.

Rafter shelving: While in the attic (or a garage), add hanging shelves to rafters or exposed beams to create off-the-floor storage as well.

These are just a few of the handy ways to improve the interior storage space in a home.