On April 29th, community members removed 120m² of asphalt by hand to transform part of a parking lot into a community space that boosts food security and environmental health. In partnership with the Town of Collingwood, The Environment Network expanded a green space at Heritage Park that will feature native plant species, reduce stormwater run-off pollution, and reduce the risk of flooding in the area. The food grown in this community garden will be available to residents of Collingwood. It will also help stock the community fridge located at the Collingwood Youth Centre.

Removing asphalt and concrete by hand at neighbourhood workbees is an exciting new trend that renews, beautifies and makes better use of neglected urban spaces. The hands-on depaving process captures the hearts and energies of diverse people with a shared goal of creating vibrant, beautiful and healthy communities. Depave Paradise demonstration projects motivate volunteers to continue depaving, either on their own properties or in common spaces.

SUBMITTED BY: Kerri MacDonald, Environment Network