Whether or not we believe in climate change, it is always prudent to look after one’s home – especially if that home is Earth and it is the only one we have. Foxpark Development Corporation is pleased to announce its upcoming 56 townhome pilot project was designed to do just that. Their townhomes tackle the seemingly impossible task of providing a scalable, sustainable, yet affordable, housing solution for Millennial and Senior Canadians that goes beyond net-zero. Company President, Carl Strand, is using his distaste for red-tape and inefficiencies along with his experience as a construction engineer, manufacturer, builder, solar contractor, and property developer to promote a fresh environmental housing strategy, called “Sunshine Village”,  that is more attainable for Canadians. The first project is specifically for active adults, aged 55+.

Through applied critical thinking, Mr. Strand lowered his land purchase and manufacturing costs and increased modular components to reduce capital expenditure allowing him to offset the costs of building sustainability into housing using no more than a typical building budget. If that was not enough, Mr. Strand designed an innovative financing model to further reduce the financial barrier to investing in your own green housing.  His age-in-place, energy-efficient townhomes help maintain independence and stretch retirement dollars, further, while generating a healthy profit for Leaseholders/investors. “By keeping all work under our control, we build better, less costly units,” Carl said “I call it Responsible Capitalism. Instead of keeping the extra savings as profits, we invest in our housing’s green infrastructure. The result is a brand new townhome with a market value north of $450,000.00 that can be financed on a sliding scale, with a capital outlay of as little as $100,000 and a return on that deposit of up to 3.95% interest, compounded yearly. This is a Life Lease that, essentially, pays YOU to rent, providing a lump sum, upon exit, to use as you please. Leaseholder’s deposits fund the project and create a self-fulfilling, new, green reality.

Foxpark Development Corporation is a private company not looking for Federal, Provincial or Municipal tax dollars to subsidize their units. Rather, they request cooperation and other incentives from these bodies, including a simple reduction or elimination of development charges or the donation of Crown Land. These affordable, Green housing infrastructure projects will  help rebuild Canada, post-COVID, to meet Paris Accord targets.

In his Smart Homes App, currently under development, Mr. Strand networks with capable, experienced, local, residential builders in each town across Canada, starting in Ontario. Presently, their sister company, Smart Homes HQ Inc. invites interested Municipalities, small residential builders, and other Parties who want to participate in the growth of their local community. If interested, please email Carl Strand at: carl@smarthomeshq.com. Seniors interested in a townhome at the first “Sunshine Village” can get more information or reserve a unit by emailing: lifelease@foxparkdevelopments.com.