The healthcare and support staff at Hospice Georgian Triangle’s Campbell House are, indeed, some of South Georgian Bay’s finest Hometown Heroes. On any given day they hold the fragility of human life in their hands. And now, during the Covid 19 pandemic, they come to work to care for others and possibly hold the fragility of their own lives in their hands.

But, they all push through this very difficult time to come to work with smiles on their faces to love and care for our patients and patients’ families, just as they have always done. And, in the same way that they would love and care for their

own loved ones… with dignity, respect and grace. Our Hometown Heroes at Hospice Georgian Triangle are strong and courageous. They have the will and resiliency to care for the dying in the face of adversity. Can you be any more courageous than that?

Hospice Georgian Triangle is a registered charity which provides trained volunteer and professional care and support to individuals living with life-threatening illness or in their last stages of living, to their families and to the bereaved. For more information, to donate or get involved with HGT please visit their website