“I saw this in my neighbourhood in the last couple of days. A young girl who attends Pretty River Academy in Grade 8 was given a challenge to random act of kindness. Her idea was to sew face masks for people in her neighbourhood. They were put up outside and people helped themselves. When I spoke to her mother she told me that the class did a RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) challenge as a part of their virtual learning wellness program to support students in connecting with our community. Initially the student Ava Fischer, put out 16 and they were gone in 2.5 hours. Today, she made another eight more. They are really nicely made and even have a wire sewn into them so that they fit nicely on your face. I thought that this is a feel good story that may inspire others. It also makes me proud of my neighbourhood to have a Grade 8 student doing a random act of kindness!” Submitted by: Joan Maloney