Homeowners may wonder if remodelling their kitchens is worth the investment. But homeowners should consider cost and the current conditions of their kitchens when deciding if a renovation project is the right move to make. These signs indicate it may be time to renovate a kitchen.

Breakers are triggered

If the lights go dark from a tripped circuit breaker every time you try to microwave and run the toaster oven simultaneously, your wiring is likely not up to the task of handling the workload and could be out of date. A kitchen remodel will assess wiring load needs, and an electric overhaul may be necessary.

Lack of storage

One of the biggest hassles homeowners encounter in their kitchens is a lack of storage space. If making a meal involves a Jenga-like stacking and rearranging of kitchen tools, or if an avalanche occurs whenever you search for an item, you might need more storage. A carefully planned redesign can achieve this, even in a smaller kitchen.

Outdated appliances

Even if your appliances are not avocado green or mustard yellow relics of the 1970s, they might still need to be replaced. Appliances are only expected to last around ten to fifteen years. If appliances have become unsafe or energy hogs, it could be time for new ones.

Family is expanding (or shrinking)

Kitchens often are the heart of a home. They need to meet the needs of the family that resides in that home. A remodel can add space as needed. On the flip side, when a couple becomes empty nesters, kitchens can be redesigned and downsized to reflect their new needs and desires, such as the addition of a wine chiller or espresso station.

Poor lighting

Task lighting is essential in a kitchen, but older homes may not be equipped with lighting where it is most needed. A carefully designed remodel can improve lighting with under-cabinet lights, pendants, overhead lighting, and even natural light to make the space attractive and more functional.

Frequent run-ins

The notion that you can have too many cooks in the kitchen refers to having too many people trying to pitch in or offer their opinions. However, it also can apply to when too many people are gathering in a small space. Redesigning a kitchen can improve the efficiency of a space and make the room feel larger.

Aesthetic appeal

Unsightly kitchens have inspired many kitchen remodels. Cosmetic changes can lead to big improvements.