Homes come in many sizes and styles. Whether your home is a palatial postmodern masterpiece or a cozy farmhouse, reclaimed wood can be utilized to create an awe-inspiring interior. Reclaimed wood taken from old or demolished homes built with old-growth forest wood offers access to this highly valued building material while also providing the environmental benefits that come with reusing existing materials. Reclaimed wood can be incorporated into a home’s interior rather easily, and the results are often stunning.

Accent wall

Transforming a wall into an accent wall with reclaimed wood is a simple project that won’t affect the existing design of a home’s interior. A living room or home office can be given a whole new look with the addition of an accent wall made from reclaimed wood. Homeowners who want their bedrooms to give off the vibe of a rustic retreat can consider adding an accent wall made of reclaimed wood.


Reclaimed wood also can be put to use, or reuse, as furniture. A home office desk made from reclaimed wood can be both stunning and sturdy, while end tables and coffee tables made from reclaimed wood can add some unique character to a living room.

Kitchen islands

Homeowners who aspire to have a farmhouse kitchen can consider reclaimed wood when creating their kitchen islands. Reclaimed wood can be used to make the body of the island, complete with cabinets and drawers, that sits beneath the countertop where cooks will prepare their meals.

Storage beds

Guest rooms tend to be smaller than other rooms in the house, and that means little room for furniture like dressers. Rather than cramming lots of furniture into a small room, homeowners can utilize reclaimed wood to create storage bed frames. The frames won’t take up extra space in the room, reassuring guests that they won’t be spending a weekend in cramped quarters. And the rustic look of reclaimed wood storage beds can be an instant stunner when guests arrive.