Collingwood Masters Swimming is back for a splash. Collingwood Masters Swimmers can train again at the Centennial pool. The first session starts November 2nd through December 16th on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and Wednesday evenings.

Swimmers will be coached by former Masters Swimming Canada Coach of the Year, Nancy Black. “Almost 25 years of coaching adults has allowed me to perfect the nuances of motivating and coaching adult athletes with a wide range of personal goals. I value each swimmer’s presence, background, and reasons for joining the program, and tailor my coaching to fit the needs of everyone from an introductory stroke development swimmer to national level competitive swimmers and triathletes,” says Black.

Training sessions are designed for fitness swimmers, triathletes, and those looking to swim at competitions. Partner Mark Beaton, owner of BIOS Medical, adds “Collingwood is a very active community, but it hasn’t had a consistent, high-quality masters swimming program. I intend to change that. My personal experience with Masters swimming has been very rewarding. Having been to World Championships in different parts of the world, I know it is a very social and inclusive sport for swimmers of all ages and abilities. Masters swimming is a life-long activity that is second-to-none in terms of its overall health and fitness benefits.”

Collingwood’s population over the age of 40 makes up 58.7% of the total and is growing. There is a need in the community for fitness programs that address an older demographic because staying fit and active is the key to successful aging. Over 53% of people over 60 have hypertension and heart disease is the second leading cause of death in Canada. The overall health impact of regular swimming is well documented. It works both the heart and lungs. Studies have shown that swimming can reduce the risk of heart disease by as much as 30% -40%.

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