Many people take to the great outdoors to escape the increasingly tech-driven daily grind. Though that’s an understandable perspective, gardeners who aren’t deploying tech in their home gardens could be missing out on many benefits that could help their plants, flowers, and vegetables thrive.

Devices like smartphones and tablets have made many aspects of life easier and more efficient, and various tech products can do the same when working in the garden. 

Plant monitor

Plant monitors are sensors that can keep tabs on the health of plants and deliver that information to gardeners. Plant monitors often connect to smartphones via Bluetooth and can provide information on the amount of heat, light and water a plant is getting. Sensors vary in price, and some will offer more information than others. But, these sensors are ideal for gardeners who love their plants but often forget to check up on them each day.

Garden camera

Critters and insects are the banes of many gardeners’ existence. Determining what is nibbling away at flowers and plants isn’t always easy, as many animals are savvy enough to restrict their dining to the middle of the night and insects are so small they can be hard to spot. Garden cameras can serve as the watchmen of a garden, and gardeners can review footage to determine who is compromising all of their hard work. They can then use that knowledge to remedy the situation and give their plants a better chance to thrive.

Weather station

Even the most seasoned gardeners cannot document the conditions outside as effectively as a good weather sensor. Weather sensors track conditions such as temperature, relative humidity and air quality. This information can then be paired with irrigation devices to ensure plants get all the care they need to thrive throughout the season.

Garden hub

Avid gardeners have traditionally arranged for neighbours or loved ones to tend to their plants when they leave home for vacation or weekend getaways. Garden hubs can take care of that by pairing with smart irrigation systems that ensure plants are watered even when no one is home. Certain hubs even gather and analyze local weather conditions to develop a watering schedule to ensure plants thrive. These hubs aren’t just handy when on vacation; they can be great for gardeners who want to know things about their plants that are not apparent to the naked eye.

People may see their gardens as welcoming respites from their devices. But, garden gadgets can help plants thrive and make time in the garden that much more enjoyable.