While we are still in a Seller’s market, we aren’t seeing the frantic bidding wars in Toronto, Collingwood, or Georgian Bay that we saw a few months ago. However, there is still very limited inventory, so the prices are fairly stable. Some sellers are now willing to negotiate and we are starting to see conditional offers coming back into play which is a good thing all around.

Everyone knows that having your home squeaky clean and in mint condition when listing it for sale will likely lead to a higher sales price, so how do you pull it all together? So many questions? More and more people are migrating to smaller markets from big cities like Toronto and Ottawa, so it is essential to know what these incomers are looking for in a property, a principal residence, a recreational home, or an investment property.

The concept of putting your property on the market can be extremely overwhelming. So, where do you start? While proper preparation of your home is essential when getting it market-ready, it might not be enough in this current real estate climate. There is a lot more you can do to ensure that the right buyers see your property. So here are a couple of tips.

The best thing to do is to engage a real estate professional early in the process so they can advise you on all of the necessary steps, prioritize tasks, and set out a realistic timeline to get your home on the market.

Although the thought of decluttering your home can be worse than having a root canal, it is imperative, as you want your potential buyer to have the ability to see themselves in your home. Allow them to envision how their family, furniture, and belongings would fit into this new space. 

Lean on your real estate professional to guide you through clearing out closets, storage rooms, furnace rooms, and sheds. Minimize the number of accessories to essential and impactful. If you have furniture that won’t fit into your new space, get rid of it, as it is unnecessary and expensive to move it twice.

Repairs and small renovations go a long way to attract a higher price. Painting the interior of your home a bright white or a light colour will do wonders to freshen up the room and give the impression of more space, higher ceilings, and overall, a larger house.

Rely on your Realtor to provide you with trades for small jobs, painters, junk removers, or whatever else is required. Take their advise on what are top priorities that will most affect the sale price. While your superb taste is surely self-evident, lean on your Realtor for design/colour advice as they know what buyers are looking for today.

Even in the off-season, clean up the garden and yard to increase the curbside appeal of your property. Carpet cleaning and window cleaning are also important as it gives the impression of pride of ownership which suggests that you take care of your home. Potential buyers want to be assured that your home has been cared for and kept in good repair.

Don’t be offended if your Realtor suggests bringing in a professional stager to revamp your home. Staging costs should be part of your negotiation with your Realtor. If you trust them to sell your home, you should probably trust them to stage it.

One of the most important aspects of getting your home ready to sell is having it properly photographed. Buyers may be coming from afar to view your home, and if it doesn’t look good in the listing, it’s not likely that they will take the time to come and see it. Today, drones can be used for aerial shots and are great at capturing the splendid surroundings of the region. 

So good luck, be well, and may all of your selling hopes and dreams become a reality!

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