Gathering with loved ones to cook cherished family recipes, making decorations, and hanging them on the tree; traditions are at the heart of the holidays, and they often have one thing in common:  they’re rooted in the warmth and security of home.

But, for the 1.7 million families experiencing housing insecurity in Canada, home doesn’t feel like a place to make happy memories. Instead, it’s a source of stress and strain.

Every family deserves a place to gather in comfort and peace — a place to nurture their own holiday traditions. This holiday season, we can give families like Naomi’s that all-important gift.

Naomi had the courage to leave a difficult relationship with her two young children. They found temporary refuge at her parents’ small apartment, but there was no space, no privacy, and nowhere for the kids to play.

Naomi was intent on building a better future for her family, starting with a home of their own.

But, with skyrocketing housing costs and difficulty accessing housing subsidies, “everything was out of reach.”

With support from the community, all that changed. Naomi had the opportunity to partner with Habitat for Humanity Canada to achieve her dream of a safe, stable home with a mortgage geared to her income. To Naomi, it was the best gift she could have ever imagined.

“I wish you could have seen my kids’ faces the day we got our keys,” she says. “Habitat has given me hope for a future. I am happier than I have ever been.”

Across South Georgian Bay, more families than ever are in need of that precious opportunity as we seek to recover and build back from the pandemic.

Which is why I’m asking you for your support this season. Please join our tradition of bringing families like Naomi’s home for the holidays.

Your holiday gift will empower families in South Georgian Bay to realize their dream of an affordable home of their own. When you give this special opportunity to a family, it means so much more than just a home.

You’ll help families break free from the obstacles that are holding them back. “You know that no matter what happens, things are getting better. You’re moving up. You’re not stuck in this stagnant place.” Naomi says. You’ll open the door to a happier, healthier, more financially stable future. “I’ve started saving money. The kids are doing well in school. I have a strong social network.” Naomi says. “This is where we are going to plant our roots. This is our safe place. This is our community.” Naomi’s story is just one example of how your support builds the beyond for families. It’s an investment in their futures, one with generational and lasting impact.

Your ongoing generosity opens new doors for families like Naomi’s, changing their lives forever.

This holiday season, will you please join us here at Habitat Georgian Bay to give families like Naomi’s the gift of home?

With my heartfelt thanks, and best wishes for the holiday season.

Joy Fleury
Executive Director
Habitat for Humanity South Georgian Bay

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