TRACKS Employment Services is a one-stop resource centre for Employment Ontario Services.
Their office is located in Collingwood, and serves the communities of Clearview, Wasaga Beach, and Town of the Blue Mountains. TRACKS is a community based, not-for-profit agency established in 1986, providing dynamic career services for Job Seekers and Employers looking to achieve employment success outcomes. TRACKS connects individuals looking for work with employers looking to hire. The Agency delivers employment services at no charge to adults, newcomers to Canada, persons with disabilities, students and youth. Their professional Employment Resource staff assists individuals and employers with various government support programs and services.

Are you looking for a job? At TRACKS they know what it takes for individuals to succeed in their job search. Factors which can affect your job search success may be unclear job goals, limited self-marketing skills, lack of training or lack of support. TRACKS’ relationships and connections with businesses can help you secure employment free of charge. There are many ways TRACKS can help you if you are looking for work, but here are just a few:

• Explore career options
• Identify your skills and interests and match them with work opportunities
Explore training requirements relating to your goal
• Support, mentoring and coaching during your job search process
• Preparation of resumes, cover letters, job applications, interview and job search strategies
• Referral and access to services, education or training
• Facilitate work opportunities and negotiate employment relationships on your behalf

Your job is out there, TRACKS will help you find it!

Are you looking to hire? TRACKS is your one- stop employment service, with the objective to connect employers who are willing to provide on-the-job training and work experience to unemployed people who are eager and ready to be trained. Employers who operate a business in Ontario who are looking to hire staff, may benefit from Employment Ontario if they are willing to provide quality supervision and training, develop a comprehensive training plan and provide opportunities for job trials on the job training placements, or ongoing employment. There are many ways TRACKS can help employers, but here are just a few:

• Save employers time and money in the hiring process by identifying suitable candidates for the job, and pre-screening eligible participants
• Assist the employee in developing a training plan
• Support the employer through monitoring the participant’s on the job progress
• Provide training incentives to offset some of the training costs

Through this program, employers are able to find the right person for the job, and may reduce costs associated with training a new employee.

Funding available! Receive a grant to train your new or existing employees! Eligible businesses receive financial support to cover training costs up to a maximum amount of $15,000.

Take advantage of the Canada Ontario Job Grant!

Are you interested in training for an exciting new career? The Second Career program assists laid-off, unemployed Ontarians to train for a new job in high-demand careers, providing financial assistance to eligible individuals. TRACKS can provide information about the program and training opportunities and support you in the application process to obtain funding.
Please contact us if you are interested in the Second Career program.

Are you a youth that is eager to gain valuable skills, experience and confidence while making great connections within the community? The Youth Job Connection program provides paid pre-employment workshops for youth aged 15 to 29 who are unemployed, not in education or training, a resident of Ontario, and eligible to work in Canada. TRACKS can assist and support youth in achieving stable and sustainable employment, meaningful careers, and success in their future working lives by providing intensive coaching beyond traditional job search and placement opportunities.

YOUTH JOB CONNECTION SUMMER offers paid pre-employment supports to eligible students aged 15-18 years old and wage subsidies for Employers.


Paid pre-employment/lifeskills workshops up to 9 weeks
• Supported placement with local labour market up to 12 weeks
• Earn valuable certifications, build mental health tool box, and be ready to leap into employment!

Get paid to learn! Contact us today for more information.

• Employment Counsellors for job seekers of all AGES!
• Youth Job Connection/Youth Job Connection Summer & MPower Programs


Tracks Employment and Resource Services of Georgian Bay Area Incorporated
50 Hume Street, Collingwood, ON
Telephone: 705-444-1580  |  Fax: 705-444-1338
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