Outdoor entertaining areas are popular among homeowners, and firepits are among the most sought-after additions to such spaces. Various styles are available to homeowners who want to add firepits to their backyards. Choosing the right type may come down to budget, yard space available, or even personal preference.

• Wood firepit: As their name suggests, wood firepits burn wood, which may appeal to homeowners who already have wood-burning fireplaces inside their homes. Because they don’t require homeowners to tap into gas lines, wood firepits are generally easy to set up and install. Many homeowners prefer the aesthetic appeal of crackling wood and flames that are synonymous with wood firepits.

• Gas firepit: Gas firepits are touted for their convenience, as they don’t require homeowners to carry wood and build fires. Upon being connected to a gas source, gas firepits provide fire at the click of a switch. Gas firepits are also appreciated for their safety, as there is little or no risk that flames from gas firepits will grow too large and become difficult to control.

• Gas fire tables: Gas fire tables might be ideal for those homeowners whose sense of decor favours more modern looks. Gas fire tables come in various shapes and sizes, and, like gas firepits, there’s no need to struggle with lighting a fire or carrying firewood.

• Tabletop firepits: Homeowners, condominium or apartment dwellers with limited backyard space may want to consider the convenience of tabletop firepits. Restaurants may use tabletop firepits in their outdoor seating areas because they provide warmth and ambiance without taking up much space. Tabletop firepits fueled by gas will not need to be connected to a gas source, which may appeal to consumers who want something simple as well as small.

• Fire urns: While they might not technically qualify as firepits, fire urns provide a similar effect as firepits. Fire urns are typically gas-powered and may be an ideal choice for homeowners who are looking for a unique, awe-inspiring feature for their outdoor entertaining areas.