Nancy Griffin established Women, Worth & Wellness® in 1994 as a Private Client Wealth Advisor for her female clients and their families. It is a program primarily for Boomer Women and their Daughters, designed to inspire and inform women how to enhance their personal wellness and independent economic power. It is a circular mission of being healthy first, then confident and fearless; to do well professionally, whatever your role is at work or home; and then share your wealth, as you can, in an inclusive way that enhances communities. While doing so, you’re enhancing both your net worth and self-worth through your generosity. Sharing is an attitude of inclusivity while caring for others’ worth and wellness, along with your own. 

Women often place their own needs second to everything/everyone else: their career, their business, their spouse, children & parents. Women understand the importance of health and financial fundamentals – and have good intentions to take care of them, but often do not make them the priority. Nancy emphasizes the importance of “stepping up” to your own needs and education first, to understand and appreciate various options and approaches so that you can lead the way to help yourself and others in a much more significant way towards personal worth & wellness. When you address these complexities, you will feel “on top of the world”!

There is a cornucopia of “leading ladies” in SGB, Canada, and philanthropy is the new economic power opportunity for women. Women’s wellness, worth, and leadership, in every facet of any community, make a very vibrant, diverse, sustainable, and caring community for all. By 2026, women will control over half of all accumulated wealth in Canada. Women will also be stewarding incredible wealth going forward as they earn more, inherit more from their parents and spouses, and often live longer than their spouses. This reality is an incredible economic power opportunity for women.

Not only do health and wealth go hand in hand, but self-worth and net worth are co-dependent. Self-worth comes from many things, especially having a say in decisions made and “having a seat and a voice at the table,” which goes a long way to being a leader in your own life and that of your family and community. In the past, and sometimes today, women have been excluded, ignored, avoided, overlooked, but with money, women have economic power, and power gives you options and choice. Economic independence for women is therefore crucial to long-term success for options in your life and your community. Today women have a powerful opportunity to share their wealth, as some are earning more, inheriting more, and living longer than their spouses. And, women helping other women, especially to be healthy, is extremely powerful. For example, Nancy has been a committed supporter of Women’s College Hospital, Toronto, since 1992 and started their first Women, Worth & Wellness® golf tournament for women in 1994.

Nancy Griffin is what people call a connector and influencer. She attributes her success to personal

My Mom was a trailblazer as a women business owner and felt that women should have their own money and wealth – including their own ideas about what to invest in. She was my inspiration for focusing on health, along with wealth, as she would often say, “if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.” This has always been my focus as I worked with my clients, especially women, as women often have a disproportionate responsibility for a family’s health and wellness. An equal focus on health and wealth is inseparable.

courage, determination, and absolute joy when focusing on women’s health and wealth over the last 25 years, hence creating Women, Worth & Wellness®. Nancy enjoys every opportunity to inform and inspire women about their personal worth and wellness–both net worth and self-worth… so women feel fabulous, generous, joyful, and on top of their game.

Women, Worth & Wellness® had hosted many successful in-person events over the years, up until May 2020, when virtual became the new reality. 2021 Spring Speakers’ Series promises an excellent line-up of inspirational, informative, and motivational speakers from across Canada & USA who will virtually educate, engage and excite you. A special note of special appreciation to all our generous sponsors; all Women, Worth & Wellness® events are no charge for our guests.

MARCH 30TH  |  4-5:30PM EST:
Covid-19 – Unprecedented in our Lifetime – What’s Next? Register here:

APRIL 29TH  |  4-5:30PM EST:
Mother’s Day event with Linda Lundstrom and her daughter, Mosha, on their new and fabulous clothing design business, Therma Kota

MAY 27TH  |  4-5:30PM EST:
Covid-19 Part 2 – Long Term Care and Health Resiliency – Now What?

JUNE 10TH  |  4-5:30PM EST:
Father’s Day event focusing on Fathers’ roles in helping their daughters be confident and fearless – keynote speaker is Angela Mondou, CEO Technation – along with a panel of fathers.

In addition to championing more Women, Worth & Wellness® special events, Nancy has joined as a Legacy Advisor for Accomplished Women, building on the complete aspect of women’s health and wealth, net worth, and self-worth, philanthropy, and legacy planning. Nancy will be working with several nonprofit organizations,  families, individuals, foundations, and business owners to increase women’s philanthropy for women’s health and wellness. 

Both of Nancy’s parents were investors, and Nancy joined the wealth advisory business in 1992. Nancy’s Mom died in 1990, 2 years before Nancy was a wealth advisor – regrets for all those missed conversations!

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